Improving Lives Through Literacy 

REACH is a nonprofit organization providing literacy services for individuals in need.

Improving lives through literacy.

​To achieve and maintain a future where all individuals have the knowledge, skills and opportunities needed to flourish in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. 

Summer Program

The mission of REACH is “improving lives through literacy.”  At its core it is about empowerment to break the cycle of poverty.  REACH was established in 2018 and currently provides a summer boost program for grades 1 through 5 in language, computers, and math.

The REACH program is located within the North Thurston School District where 66% of students are considered low income, nearly 2,500 are homeless and just 42% meet state English Language Arts standards. Studies have found a strong correlation between lower income levels and problems with developing academic skills such as reading. Families with fewer resources often lack the time and financial ability to provide support for school-aged children, which means more than just literacy services are needed. 

 “It takes a community to provide wrap-around services.”  |
~ Karen Johnson, North Thurston Public Schools,
Executive Director, Elementary Education 

With the completion of the REACH Literacy Center, the program will provide laundry and food preparation facilities for students who are experiencing homelessness in addition to literacy services. 

REACH Literacy Center Capital Campaign
Since 2018, the REACH program has operated out of St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Lacey, serving students during the summer program. To expand the number of children and add services for adults, the program needs more space. Fortunately, St. Andrew’s is generously providing land adjacent to their building at no cost for the construction of the REACH Literacy Center which can serve up to 100 people at a time. The $2.6 million capital campaign is to raise funds for the literacy center. Those funds will cover construction and further design costs.

Exterior renderings for the proposed project designed by KMB architects.

“I firmly believe that this proposed literacy center project has the potential to change people’s lives. It shows our community’s commitment to quality educational opportunities for all. I could not be happier to be involved.”  ~ Ruben Nunez, Lead Designer, KMB Architects 

Who We Serve
The REACH summer program currently offers support and interventional services for elementary-age students within North Thurston Public Schools. Those services will eventually expand to older students and adults, including military service members, veterans and military spouses. The center will also provide workforce development training in response to literacy support needs from local employers. 

Community Partners
REACH is built on collaboration with existing nonprofits, public schools and private industry. Our primary supporter is St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, which is providing the land for the new literacy center at no cost. Other partners include North Thurston Public SchoolsSouth Puget Sound Community CollegeKMB Architects, the South Sound Reading Foundation, and Saint Martin’s University

“The UMC has traditionally supported literacy programs like REACH for years as an advocate of quality education for all, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, ethnicity age or gender. We embrace the program’s vision to achieve and maintain a future where all individuals in our community have the knowledge, skills and opportunities needed to flourish in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.”  ~ Rev. Dirk Wooten, Former Pastor, St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church

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The REACH Program does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. We are a welcoming and inclusive environment. We are an equal-opportunity employer.